Rusty Brown is Russell (Rusty) Fisher and Geoff Brown.

We help leaders, organisations and communities co-create a just and sustainable world.

We design and facilitate processes that help our clients address their most complex challenges by bringing together diverse groups to engage deeply, learn together and create real and enduring solutions.


Geoff Brown

Geoff has over 20 years of group-work experience and is widely known as a facilitator that empowers people to collaborate and learn from each other. Geoff helps communities and organisations to get better results, progress their most complex challenges and co-create a better future. Read more …

Russell Fisher

Russell helps leaders engage deeply, build their skills and collaborate more effectively to transform complex situations. He is known for his strategic thinking, deep listening and ability to create a space that encourages imagination, different mindsets and diverse thinking. His unique strength is his combined qualifications and experience in science, education, organisational and community development.   Read more …


Our Work

Our work together is principally across the three broad areas of Strategy, Engagement and Capacity Building.

We design methods that enable our processes to be Systemic, Creative and Collaborative.

Through our work we develop a compelling leadership and an authorising environment for change; one that makes for a better future for people, organisations, communities and the planet.



Geoff Brown
+61 (0)403 763 660
Skype: geoffbrown3231

Russell Fisher
+61 (0)422 006 989
Skype: russelljfisher