Geoff has over 20 years of group-work experience. He is widely known as a facilitator of events that empower people to learn from and with each other. Geoff is passionate about helping communities and organisations to get better results, progress their most complex challenges and co-create a better future.

His optimism is fuelled by a belief that most social change starts with a single conversation – like a seed that connects people and ideas in relationship with each other. By facilitating dialogue, Geoff helps groups to work together creatively to discover shared meaning and make wise decisions. He believes that good process creates the conditions for sustained collaboration, well beyond facilitated events.

Geoff has worked as a designer and facilitator of group processes with a diverse range of clients within Australia and internationally. He has worked within and across sectors including sustainability, indigenous housing, natural resource management, public health, physical theatre and education. Geoff works collaboratively with colleagues from across the globe and has contributed to work in the USA, Canada, the UK, Netherlands and New Zealand.

Geoff is a contributor to the Art of Hosting community, the Australian Facilitator’s Network and the Applied Improvisation Network. Beyond his professional counselling and group work training, Geoff is an experienced Solutions Focus practitioner. He applies his working knowledge of complexity theory and regularly uses the Cynefin Framework to assist group decision making in times of high uncertainty. Geoff is a keen student of the connections that exist between separate fields of practice including: Living Systems Theory and Organisational Leadership; Improvisational Theatre and Teamwork; Neuroscience and Group Creativity and Innovation. Geoff brings this practical wisdom to all of his work.  

Geoff graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy (1991) at LaTrobe University in Melbourne. He worked in a diverse range of healthcare and workplace rehabilitation settings for over 10 years. In 2004, Geoff set up a successful consulting practice – Tangent Consulting – where he continues to work today. In 2013, Geoff joined forces with Russell Fisher and Suzie Brown to expand the breadth and depth of his work and spend more time working with friends. Together, as Rusty Brown Consulting, they offer a unique package of consulting expertise.  

Geoff has a passion for growing food at home, surfing and playing guitar. He lives with his wife and 3 sons in the south west of Victoria.

Since 2007, Geoff has written a blog on facilitation, behaviour change, visual communication and community development at Yes!AndSpace.

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+ 61 (0)403 763 660
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