About 3 years ago I received a beautiful gift from Gary Hirsch of On Your Feet. It was (and still is) a Bot … a hand painted monster on the back of a domino. Gary creates thousands of these things and his obsession for sharing (and letting go) of his BotJoy art has gone places.


Back in 2010, I had a the pleasure of spending 3 days with Gary and a couple of hundred other improvisors in Portland, Oregon at the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) annual conference. Viv McWaters introduced me to joy of Improvisation some years before and it was at Portland that my love for all things Improvisation was born.

4 years on, I stumble upon a Tedx-Portland talk by Gary Hirsch on the topic of collaboration. Given I know Gary and I have a Bot I had to watch him teach and perform. Enjoy!

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